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Name:Basil Hallward
Birthdate:Oct 16
Location:London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
"Rugged and straightforward as he was, there was something in his nature that was purely feminine in its tenderness." -- line cut from the original publication of the novel.

Basil Hallward, the man who loved, worshiped and painted Dorian Gray

CANON POINT: Right before Dorian's 32nd birthday, just before Basil's own death.

BIO: Basil Hallward is a fairly well known painter in later 1800's European art circles. He is reported as having been in exhibitions in both Paris an London and is known mostly for landscapes, though his portraiture is quite arresting. Basil lives alone, and has never married. While Basil states that he has 'never had time' to love a woman, his transparent demeanor makes it fairly clear that he is a homosexual. Basil appears to be deeply ashamed of his sexuality and is paranoid that people will find out, though he admits to to accidentally being more open about his feelings than he means to. As a result of this shame and anxiety, Basil is a nervous, insecure man and though he lends his heart to the fullest without question, physicality frightens him. He often elevates his attraction beyond the physical, into the realm of the spiritual, the artistic.

And that is how poor, poor Basil Hallward came to meet, fall in love with, and however accidentally shape the infamously wicked libertine, Dorian Gray.

**A note: Using novel canon with film PB. Not that it's much different**

NOTES, DISCLAIMERS AND OTHER BUSINESS: Muse and mun are 18+. I am not Oscar Wilde (I wish), so these concepts are not mine. Sometimes these words are not mine, but his and his alone. I am not the ruggedly handsome gentleman I am using for his PB, nor is he in any way affiliated with this journal. Fun and games only. Journal may contain adult themes.
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