Dec. 9th, 2011

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So I discovered today while looking up factoids about male prostitution and homosexuality in the 19th century that same sex "marriages" were actually more "commonplace" (I say this loosely and based on the fact that I didn't expect them to happen AT ALL) than one might expect! 

I had heard of some same-sex couples in the 19th century having marriage ceremonies but merely brushed it off as a novelty among particularly eccentric individuals. Most notably, Alfred Taylor, who pimped boys out of his house in College Street and was a procurer for no less than Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas was apparently married to a man named Tyler Mason. Dress and all! Taylor was well known as a transvestite, which was brought up in his gross indecency trial. According to the book excerpt I was reading a "surprising" number of priests and vicars would perform marriage ceremonies for both men and women. I say "surprising" both because I'm sure it's surprising that there were any at all, but one of my other sources (The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde by Neil Mckenna) remarks that a number of homosexual men in the 19th century joined the Church so perhaps this contributed to the number and is therefore not really surprising at all.

The happy couple would then go on to exotic honeymoons (though these were always under threat of blackmail from the staff) and even kept momentos of their wedding bouquets in glass cases in their homes.

Anyway, the point of that rambling bit of trivia is that I'm offering up a chance for people in a 'verse with Basil (in the Six Word comms) and who are pursing that angle in their plotline are totally free to do so if they desire.


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